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Setting new standard in property management -- 2009-02-02

As more services are expected of property managers, the demand for new talented recruits.

As you know, traditional property management services are relatively straightforward, focusing on the tenancy and the maintenance of a building. However, with higher standards being set down by the government and owners' corporations, there has recently been an increase in the range of valued-added services being offered by many property management companies. They are searching for any innovative ways to provide enhanced security, energy-saving schemes, environmental protection, etc. with a view to improving living standards and the spirit of residents' community.

Nowadays, the job of property management is becoming more challenging then before. Simply cleaning, doing maintenance and providing security services is no longer enough. Although many owners and tenants may be paying lower management fees than a few years ago, people do not stop from demanding a higher level of services. This may partly because some property management companies are controlled by the major developers which dominate the local market.

Diverse challenges

To be a Facilities Management, it involves everything in the daily operations of a building or facilities, requiring a professional approach and specialized knowledge. For example, you must know exactly what to do in the proper maintenance of different materials, such as marble. Whatever post or responsibilities someone holds, communication and people skills are essential. In terms of personal qualities, a property management officer must possess a high degree of honesty and integrity. He or she may be in charge of budgeting and financial management and be required to draft letters and memos. Therefore, language, writing and numerical skills are all important

The career

Recent fresh graduates usually start out as an estate assistant or estate management trainee with a base salary of around HK$8,000 to HK$9,000. On average, promotion to the rank of property officer takes about three to four years with a further two years needed to advance to management level.

With regard to continuing professional development, there are a number of opportunities offered by Hong Kong College of Engineering (HKCE) and Heriot-Watt University to study for part-time Bachelor degrees (one year) and Master Degree (two years) in Facilities Management (FM). People who want to study for these qualifications without giving up work now have more options than ever before. In addition, those who only have Higher Certificate can still enroll on our Higher Diploma prior to studying on the Bachelor Degree in Facilities Management.

Moreover, HKCE organizes certain in-house training programmes in Facilities Management with individual companies. This is to ensure that professional knowledge is passed on and that employees provide top quality services.

To conclude

As the scope of the industry grows, more talented people will be needed in property management in Hong Kong. It is a challenging field and is set for a period of sustained expansion.

Tips for career development

Property management companies expanding their range of services
Specialized technical knowledge is needed in many areas
Recruits must possess tolerance and integrity among other attributes
Continuing professional development can include study for a relevant Bachelor degree and Master Degree

16 January 2009


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Source : 香港設施工程學院 Hong Kong College of Engineering

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